Boss RaidTop

Boss Raid

Boss Raid offers you the chance to become an all-powerful boss, dwarfing your enemies and becoming as strong as 10 heroes! The more heroes you can destroy while being the boss, the more powerful you become. The non-boss players will have to work together to take you down. Once you do fall, whoever got the most effort into killing the boss becomes the new boss! Who can take out the most heroes and claim victory?

Crown ControlTop

Crown Control

In Crown Control you win the round when your team is in possession of the crown for a certain amount of time. You can always find the crown in the center of the battleground when the match starts. If the person with the crown gets knocked out or falls off of the map the crown will return to the center. When you possess the crown you grow big and move slow. Also, certain skills will be unusable (jetpacks, teleport etc...). In order to win Crown Control you must protect the crown bearer and thwart the opposing teams assault. There is only one rule: don't drop the crown!



Crusade is a PvE mode (Player versus Environment) where the players battle against artificial intelligence Monsters designed to fight and defeat the players. The great conflict between the Order and the Legion has caused death of many legendary Heroes from the past. In the mist of great chaos Darkness slowly rises and gains its power to dominate the lost souls. Without their free will, the fallen Heroes now must face a new war.

Death MatchTop

Death Match

Death Match
The Death Match mode is simple. Knock out as many opposing heroes as possible. At the End of the round the one with the most effort wins!
Team Death Match
In Team Death Match, players are put into two teams with starting KO points at 0 to 0. Knocking Out an enemy hero gets your team KO points. First team to 100 KO points wins. KO points earned are determined by the number of team mates you have.

Fishing ModeTop

Fishing Mode

Now you can get away from the battlegrounds and relax your mind with the new Fishing Mode. There are numerous items floating in time and space that once belonged to the greatest Heroes. Gear up with a Fishing Rod and a bucket full of Lunar Bait, and press [Fishing] in a Plaza to fish up various items that you can sell for good amount of Peso. Become the Master Angler of Lost Saga!

Ghost TagTop

Ghost Tag

In Ghost Mode there are two teams: Ghosts and Runners. The Ghosts need to capture and convert all runners into Ghosts before the time runs out. Ghosts only have one life, if they die they can't come back. Runners either need to kill all the Ghosts or wait until the time runs out to win.

Ladder ModeTop

Ladder Mode

Ladder Mode is special 1 on 1 duel only mode. Just like the Faction Battle, you must be registerd as Order or Legion to join. It has it's own Stats, Ranking and Title system.

Power StoneTop

Power Stone

In Power Stone mode each team has a powerful stone that boosts their powers. In order to win you must protect your stone and destroy the opposing teams stone. If you are near your team's Power Stone, the damage you inflict when using skills increases and cooldowns decrease. Therefore, it is crucial to use the Power Stone to your advantage. You can heal your team's Power Stone by hitting it. Because the Power Stone is so critical it is important to plan your teams offensive and defensive strategies to ensure victory. Unlike Prisoner mode, you will respawn every time that you get KO’d or knocked off. However, your respawn time will increase each time you die.

Prisoner ModeTop

Prisoner Mode

In Prisoner Mode, there are two ways to win: knock your opponents off or imprison them. If you yourself become imprisoned, don't panic! Your teammates can free you by cutting the ropes with an attack. However, if you accidentally fall off or get knocked off you will have to wait until the next round to help your team.

Relic HuntTop

Relic Hunt

Did you know that the plazas are filled with hidden treasures? Grab yourself a Relic Kit from the Shop's Special items section and get your hands dirty. It is time for the Heroes to dig up some valuable relics in the Plazas. Heroes can now earn more Peso - and sometimes even Epic Gears - by going Relic Hunting. Who knows what our Heroes might find underneath their very own plazas!

Soccer ModeTop

Soccer Mode

In Soccer Mode players are divided into two teams. There is a red and blue team. The action is fast and frantic as people scramble to get the ball into the opposing team's net. Heroes cannot hurt each other and the only thing that can be targeted is the ball. The game is a played up to the first team to win three goals.